Dental Implants: Treat Yourself To The Smile You Lost


People lose teeth for many reasons aside from just poor oral hygiene. Whether an accident has occurred, certain medication has been taken, or you smoke, the list of reasons extends beyond simply not brushing and flossing properly. What can remain a constant, however, is the fact that missing teeth do not look aesthetically pleasing, and they can affect your self-esteem. This is why dentists are constantly striving to provide suitable solutions for replacing missing teeth. Currently, the most natural solution they have is dental implants Nottingham.

Why are dental implants a good option?

Nottingham dental implants involve having metal screws attached to the jawbone, which can be fixed rigidly in place after the gums heal around them. The purpose of this is to provide artificial teeth roots for your replacement teeth of crowns, bridges or dentures. Dentists can attach the replacement teeth to the screws using an abutment, and the result will be natural-looking and functioning teeth. This then allows the replacement teeth to stay in the mouth 24-7, without needing to be taken out for cleaning. All patients need to do to take care of their dental implants is follow a good oral health hygiene routine by brushing and flossing and visit their dentists for checkups as normal. In doing this, the implants could last a lifetime. What could be more natural than that?

dentist teeth check up

Other benefits

There are further reasons why people opt for dental implants. While it may not be important to everyone, having missing teeth can be unsightly to most. By fitting dental implants, nobody else should be able to tell that you don’t have a whole set of natural teeth, and your smile shouldn’t let you down with dental implants. You can therefore have the confidence to continue with your life, meeting up with friends for meals, safe in the knowledge that nothing has to be off the menu because of your replacement teeth. You can continue to eat whatever you want, so chow down on a steak well done if that’s what you’re hankering for! It will be easier to do with a full set of teeth, after all.

The other benefit of dental implants is the fact that they can protect any other teeth you have from being more exposed to bacteria, which could otherwise cause further issues for you. You can also protect your gums in the same way, and you may also find that your speech improves after you have filled in the gaps. One advantage that some patients experience is the fact that they can look more youthful after having implants fitted; this is because the face can become drawn when teeth are missing. As such, once your face has better support from your dental implants, your skin can relax and look smoother. It’s a great side-effect of having your dental work completed!

It only takes a minute, girl!

While Take That was referring to falling in love, dental implants may take a little more than a minute to be fitted, but it certainly doesn’t take too long. In fact, you will only need a couple of appointments to have your implants completed. During the first, you will have the screws attached to the jawbone, and temporary teeth will then be attached. After your gums have healed, you must then return to have the permanent teeth placed. The treatment will be performed under local anaesthesia, so you shouldn’t feel any pain either.

So, if you’re in a rush to get a great smile, find out whether dental implants could be the answer to getting back the smile you’ve lost. Treat yourself!

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