Six Pro Tips for Cleaning Hotel Rooms

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It is of paramount importance to keep hotel rooms clean for the comfort of guests who will spend the night. Clean and organized rooms are a mark of excellent service and extremely valued by customers. Staying in a well-maintained room will surely make their stay comfortable, convenient, and relaxing, earning your hotel positive customer feedback.

Whether you are new to hotel cleaning or manage housekeeping staff, here are some cleaning tips to keep in mind.

Get yourself a cleaning cloth

Using a rag will make dusting furniture and other surfaces more efficient. All you have to do is get a disposable cleaning cloth, slightly dampen it with a little water, and use it to wipe the area that needs to be cleaned. If you currently don’t have a cleaning cloth, you may use an old shirt or pillowcase or any cloth made of cotton as a substitute.

Vacuum before you mop

Cleaning a room will be easier if you vacuum or sweep the floor before proceeding to mop. If you mop first, there is a chance that hair and other pieces of dirt will stick to the floor due to moisture. The dirt plastered on the floor will be difficult to remove and will, therefore, double the cleaning time. Here is a mopping tip: start from the corner of the room and little by little, inch your way toward the door.

Use a toothbrush

A toothbrush or small brushes will be useful for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like the gaps between the bathroom tiles and other tiny cracks in a room. You may use new toothbrushes or old ones that have been discarded, but if you decide to use the latter, make sure to wash them thoroughly before repurposing them as a cleaning material.

Use vinegar

White vinegar mixed with water could be an excellent cleaning tool. It can even clear away the residue left behind by other cleaning solutions. All you need to do is get a spray bottle and put one part of vinegar and three parts of water in it.

Remember about the curtains


To avoid dust from circulating the room, do not forget to dust the curtains. You can do this by beating the curtains while holding a hand towel. Doing this will make all the dust fall on the floor, which you can sweep or vacuum afterward.

Inspect the bed thoroughly

Check the bed for stains and damages of any sort to ensure the guests will have a good night’s sleep. If there are none, you can proceed to make the bed with fresh sheets. Also, check the pillows, blankets, and sheets for tears, stains, and strands of hair. If you notice any, replace the pillow or sheet promptly. Remember to remove all visible strands of hair on the bed to prepare it for the next occupant.

Keeping the rooms spotless and organized is an excellent way to make guests fall in love with your hotel. Attracting and retaining loyal customers will certainly be easier if you provide top-notch service. Now that you have learned about some noteworthy hotel cleaning suggestions, go ahead and practice it in your upcoming hotel room cleanups.

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