A quick look at some services provided by family solicitors in Emsworth

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Living with the family should be a happy thing for people to do, however, it must be recognised that there will be times when the family can make one’s life hard work. Disagreements and arguments within the family unit may be healthy but what happens when this leads to serious problems that lead to some form of breakdown.

When a family finds themselves in a position where they need to have some legal intervention they may decide to involve a solicitor, Andrew and Andrew have a team of family solicitors in Emsworth who are available to offer legal services to those living in the wider Hampshire area.


When someone’s marriage gets to the point where they have decided that they can no longer live with their spouse, they may want to consult a family solicitor to find out what options are available to them. In some cases, divorce may be the best option for both partners involved in the marriage.

There needs to be a greater understanding about the fact that divorce is not necessarily a sign of failure, changing this point of view to one that recognises that being able to take control and make a drastic change in life that may lead to someone ending up in a better position and gaining emotional strength is a positive thing.

It is important to remember that the divorce proceedings will only deal with the ending of someone’s marriage, other issues such as financial arrangements and those around children are the divorce, they may also be dealt with at the time as the divorce case. It is not unusual to see several cases running alongside each other that are all related to the divorce case.

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In cases where children are involved, the law will seek to prioritise the needs and seek to secure what are the right decisions for the children. There may be a need for the courts to decide which parent is best placed to be the primary caregiver for any children involved in a case brought by parents who are in dispute about this issue, this would mean the one parent is given the primary custody of the children.

When custody is decided the courts may also decide to make a ruling about access for the second parent, the terms, and conditions of which will be clearly outlined by the courts and are expected to be fully adhered to. These rulings from the court are designed to legally protect the children and both parents by clearly laying out the obligations of each parent.

Financial arrangements

In cases where financial support is being sought from a parent who is not part of the primary household, an application may need to be made to set in place a financial arrangement. This arrangement will outline how much support is to be given, normally as a fixed monthly amount, and what support is expected to be used for.

The main aim of a financial arrangement is to ensure that parents contribute to the costs of the children.

Research is key

The main thing needed when looking for family solicitors in Emsworth is research. Gaining an understanding of the solicitors being considered and the services they offer is of utmost importance.

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