Safety Tips You Can’t Ignore When You’re on the Road

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The only sane driver that you can trust with your safety is YOU. This means that the responsibility for your safety on the road hugely rests on your shoulders. If only every driver understood this concept, then there wouldn’t be a high number of accidents on the roads. In the spirit of road safety, here are five crucial safety tips that you must observe as a responsible driver.

Always maintain the speed limit

There is a reason why there are always speed limits on the road, so always maintain the given limit. Do not be tempted to exceed no matter how much of a hurry you are. It may save you a couple of minutes, but it could also cost you your life. Remember, it is an offense to exceed the speed limit. The traffic police may not see you from afar, but with their laser or radar speed gun, you cannot escape once they catch up with you.

Maintain a safe following distance

The rule is clear, always maintain a 3-second following distance from the car in front of you if driving on a dry road. If it is raining, the rule is to keep a distance of four seconds but add two seconds if it’s snowing or there are storms. This is the standard rule, although it may vary from one state to another.
When determining the stopping distance, you should always put in mind the time it will take you to react on a situation and make a decision against the time it will take to act (press on the brakes). Also, remember that vehicles take different durations to stop from the point you fully apply the brakes. The duration can be affected by the vehicle’s weight, speed, the condition of the road, and the state of the tires.

Wear your seatbelt at all times

This is an essential safety device in your car. It keeps you safe from fatal lung, head, and heart injuries in case of a collision. Also, it keeps you stable and comfortable in bumpy roads. Before driving out, always ensure that everyone in the car is buckled in. Kids should be strapped in their car seats and fastened with a seat belt.

Keep your eyes and mind on the road

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Most of these accidents can be done away with if only drivers were attentive on the road. Do not drive when unwell, tired or sleepy because you will sleep on the steering. We have all heard of such cases. If driving for long hours and you feel tired or sleepy, take a break and rest then resume with your journey.
Only drive when you are alert; do not drive if you are tired or distracted. Do not use your mobile phone or any other device when driving and most important of all, avoid full blast music. When you are attentive, you can react very fast in dangerous situations.

Don’t drive under the influence

This may seem like a cliché but do not drink and drive. But regardless of how many times this has been emphasized, you will be surprised by the number of accidents that happen at night caused by drunk drivers. When you are drunk, you obviously cannot make proper decisions and judgment on the road and neither can you react fast when situations arise.

Safety on the road starts with you! Take all necessary precautions to keep you and others on the road safe.

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