Restoring your healthy smile with dental implants

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Losing a tooth, whether through accidental damage or decay, can feel like the end of the world, but with advances in dental care, false teeth such as dentures are no longer the only solution to replenishing the smile. Oral implants have risen in popularity and become one of the preferred methods of tooth replacement.

So how do dental implants Harley Street work and what is their role?

With advances in dental knowledge and technology, restorative dentistry focuses primarily on restoring the natural tooth as much as possible to its natural state. It may be that you took a fall and knocked the tooth out 5 years ago or that you had a minor sporting accident that resulted in tooth loss just a couple of days ago. No matter when the damage occurred, using oral implants can help restore the smile and rejuvenate the overall oral health of the mouth.

dental implant

In simple terms, an oral implant is a small, titanium post or screw which is inserted into the jawbone creating an artificial root. Once the post is in place and healed a prosthetic tooth or multiple teeth can be attached to the implant. With modern dentistry constantly evolving the current process can be carried out in just a couple of appointments. The first part is the drilling of the implant into the jawbone, followed by the connector which attaches to the top of the screw. In some cases the permanent prosthetic tooth will be locked into place on the connector, however, in the majority of cases, a temporary tooth will be attached and the patient will be invited back at least several weeks later to enable some healing to occur first. Either way, once the titanium post has been inserted you will be able to leave with a fuller smile from the beginning.

Taking the time to do your research.

When first looking into tooth replacement options it is important to get all the facts from a reputable source before diving into a treatment or procedure. Therefore, aside from your internet research, it is necessary to discuss all the options open to you with your dental team. In order to have an oral implant, an assessment will need to take place covering the standard of the overall oral health, whether or not there is sufficient bone and how many implants would be needed. There are many dental practices offering this restoration method and therefore should your dentist not offer this service they will be able to recommend a dental to help.

Finding a dental practitioner who specialises in oral implants can help put your mind at ease and enable you to confidently ask any questions or concerns that you may have. This does not mean accept the first dental team you discover that does this particular procedure. Take your time to consider your options and take note of reviews, how the dental practice is equipped for this particular procedure. Whilst cost will always be an important factor to consider, always ensure that you are receiving a skilled and knowledgeable approach and do not be afraid to ask about their success rate.

Getting oral implants is to replenish the smile you once had and therefore you need to feel comfortable with the process and who is carrying it out at all times. Ask your questions, seek relevant reviews and ensure that you are putting your care in the best hands.

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