How People Recovering from Addiction Can Practice Self-care

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Addiction recovery in itself is a challenging feat that could last months or years. If you find yourself undergoing this process when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, then your amplified feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, and stress are valid. This is especially true if you’ve been quarantining alone and the work-from-home setup is beginning to take its toll.

Even with vaccines being distributed worldwide, there’s no way to say when the pandemic itself will be over for good. How will you cope with this sudden shift in your life and society as a whole? How do you immerse yourself in crowds and discover new connections when it’s no longer safe to go out? If you’ve been mulling over these questions recently, know that there are things within your control that you can take advantage of.

Resorting to self-care methods is essential now more than ever to help you stay on track. Contrary to popular belief, self-care isn’t only for women. As a man determined to put your life back together, it’s something you can optimize to find peace even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Meditate on Your Goals

This is something you should do first thing in the morning. Since your mind is in its default state right after waking up, you’re more vulnerable to tempting thoughts that could eventually translate into action. Before you scroll through your social media, stand in front of your vision board or open your journal to read your goals aloud. Focus on visualizing yourself with better finances, better health, and better relationships. This will get you in the right frame of mind to go through the rest of your day as responsibly as possible.

Don’t limit your meditation to mornings only. Create an album on your phone that you can scroll through whenever you feel like you can’t fight certain temptations. If you have to listen to motivational speeches or psyche yourself up in front of the mirror, do so.

Stay Connected to Medical Professionals

After leaving a reputable alcohol rehabilitation center, you must stay connected with them and similar medical professionals for your needs. They could have treatments for recovering addicts that are available to you online. It could be virtual group therapy or one-on-one therapy sessions. Whatever it is, consider how much it will help you to connect with others who are experiencing the same struggles as you. Their stories and tips could be exactly what you need to remain motivated even in the most discouraging moments.

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Stick to a Routine

The structure is crucial in the daily life of recovering addicts. Without it, you may feel lost and succumb to unhealthy coping habits. Creating a day-to-day routine will keep you productive and leave you with lesser time contemplating the pandemic. Romanticize the small things such as your shower and your meals. Indulge in new products and learn to cook healthier meals. Exercising is also a must in your routine, as it gives you a natural high that will promote better mental health and physicality.

It may take a couple of trial-and-errors to structure a routine that works for you. Give yourself time to develop new habits and research creative ways to make your daily life exciting. Once you’ve established the routine that suits you best, it’ll be easier to go through even the most mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging days of your recovery.

Schedule Video Calls with Family and Friends

Don’t allow emotional distance to accompany the physical distance you’re experiencing. Take active measures to stay updated with the happenings in the lives of your family and friends. Staying connected with them is a great way to remind yourself that life goes on, even if there’s a pandemic.

Open up to them about what you’re currently doing at work and home, like passion projects, possible promotions, or just the usual hurdles with your least favorite boss. Even if you don’t discuss your struggles regarding your recovery, you can achieve emotional and mental relief by letting them back into your life. Investing in your relationship with them is one way to continue the healing process for you and everybody affected by your addiction.

Be Kind to Yourself

It won’t be perfect. Some days will be more difficult than the others, and you may even slip up a little. When you manage your expectations and decide that you’ll be compassionate to yourself no matter what, you increase your likelihood of success. Remember that you deserve the kindness you’re so willing to give others. At the end of the day, self-compassion is the best form of self-care.

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