Polycarbonate: The New Darling of Design

polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate has been increasingly popular over the past few years. Designers and engineers have been recommending it to a lot of clients since is a higher quality material that is also environmentally-friendly. They are nearly unbreakable and can hold up pretty well against extreme forces.

You can find different kinds of polycarbonate facades and roofing in the UK, the US, and a lot of other progressive countries all over the world. The building industries in most developing countries are already catching up and have started exploring the use of the material.

Why Polycarbonate is the Designer’s Favorite

Aesthetic Value

One of the key considerations in architecture and design is aesthetic. The incorporation of different materials into a single structure or complex is an art form that is unlike any.

Polycarbonate sheets make the process of design easier with the aesthetic qualities they bring to the table. They come in different shades of colors that add character to a building. Its translucent properties help bring in natural light from the outdoors during daytime and a warm glow from inside at night.


Polycarbonate material can be formed and molded easily at room temperature without causing it to break or crack. It is also ideal for thermoforming, machining, and cold curving. This makes it easy for designers to add visual treatment to the exterior and interiors of a building. Polycarbonate can be designed and formed conveniently onsite, which reduces construction and building delays.


As polycarbonate is made of plastic, it is lighter than other typical building materials but is as durable, if not stronger. Its unique balance of toughness, optical clarity, heat and electricity resistance, and dimensional stability make it a high-performance plastic that builders and designers trust.

As it is lightweight, it is easy to transport and install. They are so lightweight and durable that they can be installed using only nuts and bolts, at the very least.


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Despite being light in weight, polycarbonate is strong that it can withstand excessive amounts of force, with some varieties known to be nearly unbreakable. Some of the strongest types of polycarbonate sheets are the bulletproof ones used as shields by police and law enforcement agents. It is an excellent choice for projects where many other materials are unsuitable. It is great in any extreme weather condition, whether hot or cold. This quality makes it last for many years without any discoloration and remain free from damage from any impact it takes over the years.


Polycarbonate’s translucent properties make it one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials in the market today. It lets in natural light during the day which generates less energy consumption for indoor lighting.

Waste polycarbonate sheets can be recycled, reused, or repurposed. It can be taken into recycling facilities for processing and converting into a different form of raw building material. It also provides almost the same level of insulation that glass has only at a cheaper price.

To sum it all up, polycarbonate sheets are an effective and efficient building material. They are both environmentally-friendly and budget-friendly because of its durability and sustainability.

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