Make Your Moving Day Stress-Free with these Tips

moving day

In this modern age, people are always moving and changes are always on the horizon. As people constantly search for opportunities, they sometimes need to change addresses. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the task of organising accumulated clothes, furniture, and clutter in just one day can prove to be overwhelming.

Fortunately, moving is no longer just a random activity. There are now professionals who have turned it into a science and developed for this. There are now interstate removalists in Melbourne, Sydney and other major cities and they have shared some secrets to their trade.

Transfer the Utilities before the Actual Moving Day

Removalists revealed that they can schedule the move for more than a month in advance. With this in mind, they advise transferring the utilities beforehand so there would already be water, electricity, and internet in the new address when they bring in the items. All the cables and wires will already be in place and the removalists can adjust accordingly.

Disassemble flat-pack furniture and cots

Flat-pack furniture or ready-to-assemble furniture is not really made to be transported in its assembled state. Professional movers would have to take extra precautions when carrying these, and even then, there is a risk that it might disassemble during the trip.

This advice is also applicable to baby cots and playpens. They have small attachments like baby trinkets and hanging toys, some of which are electronic or battery operated. These types of toys have small, sensitive parts that may be loosened or broken when stuffed into a moving truck with heavy items.

Be particular with the packaging items to be used

It would save time, effort and money when you use the correct packing items. For the boxes, choose the durable type that doesn’t break even when they get wet. It would also be best to use those of a similar size to enable stacking. When boxes are placed on top of each other, it maximises the space of the truck or trailer and it allows you to save money by choosing a smaller size truck or finishing the move in one trip.

The same principle applies to adhesive and sealing tapes. Choose dedicated packing tape rather than masking or scotch tape that would easily break.

Separate valuable and fragile items

fragile item

Moving companies would prefer if the owners take charge of the valuable and fragile items. The valuable vase that was passed on from generations would be better in the owners’ hands since they understand just how important the items are.

If the item is heavy and has to be delegated to the movers, the owners can be specific with the special instructions. The owners can instruct the movers to place it at the corner of the truck, or not stack anything on top of it. It is better to have these conversations prior to the move, rather than having a discussion after an untoward event.

Moving day, like change, is a part of life. There are experts who understand this reality and have dedicated themselves to providing this service safely and efficiently. It is best to take their advice and help.

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