Life Is Short: Spend on What You Love

Woman with wallet full of money

Too many articles have been published opposing or agreeing with the idea that millennials are broke because they spend too much money on coffee and avocado toast. Both parties make valid points. On the one hand, coffee and food are essentials to living, and if you have the money to spare, why shouldn’t you buy what you want to eat? On the other hand, if you’re splurging on these temporary items that do not give you any long-term benefits, why shouldn’t you invest or save your money instead?

Amid these arguments, let’s not forget one thing: life is too short. It doesn’t matter what you want to spend your money on. Your happiness should matter more.

A Fairytale Wedding

Yes, planning a wedding is expensive. There’s a markup on everything wedding-related, and your money-saving peers would want you to step back and take it easy on the planning. But it’s your wedding, and it’s what you’ll remember for the rest of your married life. Go ahead and check wedding limousine services in Miami. Get the most beautiful bouquet you can buy. Find the most regal venue that can accommodate your chosen date. And, most importantly, splurge on the most beautiful dress for your big day. You’ve worked hard to afford all these things, and it’s one of the most important days of your life. If you can only splurge once in your life, it should be on your wedding day.

Spa Days

woman at the spa getting a massage

Millennials love their avocado toast as much as they love self-care, and it has benefited spa businesses. What used to be an occasional treat or preparation for special events has now become essential in one’s busy schedule. But what’s so wrong with giving your body the attention it deserves? Millennials are also known for working hard, putting in the hours to earn their keep and to support their lifestyle. Anyone who’s working more than 40 hours a week would want to pamper themselves, too. And a spa appointment just so happens to be the best way to do it.


When you’re tied to a nine-to-five job, the idea of traveling often can be a foreign concept. You don’t have enough vacation days to make it possible. At least, that’s how older employees view it. Millennials, however, either have more flexible work hours, or they have side hustles that make traveling for work and fun possible. The rise of influencer culture has given individuals a way to make money while following an enviable lifestyle complete with plane rides, adventures, and designer clothes. Even an average individual can make room for vacation days if they plan strategically, and frankly, they should be lauded for their creativity instead of shamed for their spending. It might be a short weekend trip or a well-timed holiday retreat, but as long as your work doesn’t suffer, go ahead and get those miles.

It’s easy to look at someone else’s lifestyle and criticize what they’re doing wrong. Instead of focusing on others, focus on your happiness and let yourself enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

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