Landscaping Ideas: How to Work With Outdoor Structures

Outdoor wooden gazebo with roses and summer landscape background

Landscaping is a hobby most homeowners enjoy. With the right planning and implementation, your yard will become something that will wow your visitors and increase your home’s value.

Homeowners tend to focus on working on their garden and yard. However, you should also consider your yard structures. The right installations will not only be useful but also complement your landscape better. In some cases, they will serve as the landscape centerpiece.

To start, here are a few outdoor structures you should consider building in your yard to improve your landscape’s appeal.


A gazebo is an open, roofed structure that can have various levels of complexity depending on the intended use of the owner. If what you want is an event space, then you should make it unfurnished. If you wish to have a resting area, you should also put in a few comfy chairs and tables.

You have numerous choices for the building materials, with wood being the most commonly used. However, your style can be restricted by this material. Wood is more vulnerable to the elements, so more intricate designs won’t last long.

Putting plants around your gazebo will help it fit into your landscape better. Choose plants that will complement your gazebo. Blooming flowers and vines are suitable for delicate designs. You can also use low maintenance plants for more natural landscaping.

Swimming Pool

If you enjoy swimming frequently, you should consider having a pool. Contractors around your home in Utah can help install your swimming pool of choice. Here are a few ways you can integrate your pool into your landscape.

Place your plants a bit far from your pool so that leaves don’t fall in. Consider your plant choices carefully. Avoid getting plants that are hard and prickly. People using the pool might slip and fall into the plants, so you should get softer plants that can cushion their fall.

Don’t use plants whose roots can grow indefinitelythey can cause damage to their surroundings in the future. They can grow through your tiles and damage your pool over time. Avoid plants that attract birds or bees to keep you and your guests safe.


Patios are paved areas that usually serve as outdoor dining areas. However, it can also be a place for relaxing and other recreational activities. In some cases, it can be located near pools.

There are various landscaping ideas you can try for your patio. Consider planting large trees to serve as natural shade. Since the ground is paved, stick to potted plants as decorations. You can also plant shrubs around the area to blend in the pavement with the yard.


Female planting in greenhouse

Plant enthusiasts should consider building a greenhouse as a place to raise their own plants of choice. It is composed mainly of glass to let in as much natural light as possible. You may need to install some devices, such as heaters and vents, to maintain your plants properly.

Greenhouses themselves don’t need much work to make it blend in with the landscape. Instead, you should create a path leading towards your greenhouse. Place some trees and flowers around that path to provide shade and to increase its visual appeal.

As a final piece of advice, don’t construct too many structures in your yard. It can ruin your overall landscaping theme if you have multiple centerpieces to focus on. Determine the facilities you want and keep them in mind when considering what structures to build.

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