How investing in dental health is really about investing in overall health

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Very few people understand the deep links dental health has to overall health, until that is, an undesirable dental condition affects some other area of their life. Bad breath or a few missing teeth may not seem so concerning at first, but when seen in the wider context of how these conditions impact on one’s ability to communicate or engage with others confidently, it then becomes evident why looking after oral health is a priority.

From delaying or avoiding dental check-ups at a local Coorparoo family dental clinic to inadequate tooth brushing at home or an unhealthy diet, there are many ways that a person neglects giving their oral health the care it deserves. It is still a concern, that despite all the attention that has been given to brushing teeth, latest statistics from an Australian Oral Health Tracker survey shows that only 1 in 2 Australian adults fulfil the obligation twice a day.

Benefits of looking after oral health


The boost in self-confidence

One of the major pay-offs of good dental health in life is the boost in self-confidence. Being embarrassed by an awkward smile can lead to a life full of regrets and a life lived in the shadows: lost job interviews, fewer social outings and a smaller social circle.

On the other hand, by looking after one’s smile, there will be no need to falter in confidence and one can grab all the opportunities to live a rewarding life.

Improved dental hygiene

Many rely on dental care to help prevent dental conditions but often a routine check-up at the dental clinic is used to give teeth and gums a proper, thorough clean. Daily oral hygiene  obligations like brushing twice a day and flossing remain the golden rule to observe but they have a limited effect on stubborn plaque formations on teeth.

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Overall improved physical health

Optimised dental health has a two-fold beneficial impact on physical health. On the first level, healthy mouth function makes it easy to enjoy a wide variety of nutrition-rich foods. There are no impediments to chewing food properly to aid digestion. Without the required number of teeth to grind food down properly or without difficulty, people will tend to avoid food and risk their nutritional needs.

On the second level, a clean and healthy mouth and the absence of gum disease lowers the risk of bad bacteria entering the body and aggravating medical conditions affecting the lungs and heart.

Keep dental problems in check

Preventive dental care offers the most significant benefit to oral health; preventing minor problems from escalating into major ones. A simple routine oral health check and implementing preventive dental care measures like fluoride treatments or fillings at the dentist can save a patient from costly dental expenses like a root canal procedure to save a tooth down the line.

Good dental health is surprisingly simple to maintain but it does require a positive and consistent proactive approach to oral healthcare.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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