Interesting Hobbies You Can Try During Quarantine: Driving the Pandemic Blues Away

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The stay-at-home orders have forced most people to stay at home. Face-to-face classes have been suspended, and students have been forced to adjust to online classes. Businesses and companies have also been forced to order their employees to work from home. Since staying at home means not having to travel to and from work, most people find that they have too much free time on their hands ever since the pandemic started.

At first, the stay-at-home orders appeared to be very appealing for most people. After all, getting to spend more time at home means having more opportunities to rest and relax. However, as the pandemic stretched on, most people discovered that the boredom that accompanied their quarantine experience was a challenging foe to contend with. Below are some interesting hobbies you can try so that you can take all the boredom away from your quarantine experience.

Read a Lot of New Books

Before the pandemic, you might never have believed that there would come a time when you would have enough free time to pick up a book, read it, and finish it. Now that you have a lot of free time on your hands, you can try reading a new book or two and explore the imaginary places that these books will take you to. Reading books is a refreshing hobby because it helps take the stress away since it can transport you to different places through reading.

Of course, your imagination will come in very useful when reading a book. After all, you have to make the characters, setting, and the entire plot come to life in your mind. Reading a book will also help enhance your vocabulary, imagination, and creativity. You can even develop your writing skills through reading!

Start Writing a Journal

starting a journal

Another good way to ease off the boredom is to start writing a journal. You can express all your thoughts, ideas, and even frustrations on paper, and they won’t ever complain! You are free to write about anything that comes to your mind, and you can also just let all your ideas loose and write them down before they vanish!

You can also start writing short stories or poems about your quarantine experience. You can also make a list of all the things you want to do once the pandemic is over. You will find that writing helps lift your stress because it is a cathartic process that freely expresses everything and anything on your mind. There’s no need to worry about whether your writing is perfect at all. After all, you are entitled to keep your writing to yourself.

Try Sewing or Quilting


If you have sewing or quilt kits, you can explore different sewing or quilting projects. These hobbies are challenging and entertaining at the same time. They require your attention and focus, and they also test your dedication. However, these hobbies can also be very relaxing. You can quilt or sew and listen to music at the same time. You can sit near the window, breathe in the fresh air, and quilt or sew to pass the time.

Once you have completed quilting or sewing projects, you can sell your finished products or give them away. Nothing beats the satisfaction of completing a project that you worked hard for!

Try Cooking or Baking

Spending more time in the kitchen is a good way to drive your stress away. If you are bored, you can try cooking and baking and come up with new and exciting recipes! These hobbies are entertaining because they help take your mind off of negative things. You can cook fancy meals for yourself and your family, or you can bake sweets to share with your friends. However, since the pandemic discourages you from visiting other people, you can opt to deliver the food you cook or the sweets you bake to your friends.

You can also sell food online to earn extra money during the pandemic. You can advertise the foods you cook or bake on social media and then wait for customers to send their order requests. Once you have a lot of orders, you can start getting busy with cooking or baking!

The Pandemic Can Still Be Fun

Despite all the boredom that you might already have endured, there are still many positive things and good hobbies you can try during the pandemic. You can try cooking, baking, writing, reading, sewing, quilting, and any other ideas that might come to mind! Since you have a lot of free time on your hands, you can make the most out of your quarantine experience by trying out new hobbies and be productive at the same time.

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