How to Child-Proof Your Home Spa for More Fun Family Time in the Tub

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Many families tend to put off their hot tub purchase due to concerns about their child’s safety. However, the fact is kids can be perfectly safe in hot tubs if only the device has safety features, and the accompanying adult is responsible.

For starters, you can buy a Bullfrog spa for your Salt Lake City residence as it has a built-in locking covers. For the guiding parent, here are safety tips you can do so that every member of the family gets to enjoy their dip in the tub.

Establish rules to keep kids out.

The second you purchase a hot tub for your house, you have to set some ground rules that everyone is aware of.

Hot tubs generally list down safety use for specific types of persons. Pregnant women should consult with physicians first, people with heart conditions should only swim at a certain temperature, and children below five years old should never step into a tub, supervised or not.

Create more safety structures.

Prevention is better than cure, thus setting up things like safety rails, dual drains, a lockable fence, a tub and drain cover, slip-resistant mats around the tub, and a deck will keep your children safe if you’re not around to call them out.

The area where the tub is positioned should be built for safety, too. Choose a tile flooring with a matte finish and install a floor drain for easy clean-up and flushing out of excess water.

Always maintain your hot tub.

Another precaution you can do is to stick to a regular maintenance schedule for your hot tub. Drain out the water, spray it down with a water-bleach mixture, and just start scrubbing with a disposable sponge.

You should also keep the water in your tub chemically balanced. Add sterilizing agents like chlorine and ozone treatments to prevent skin infections. Regularly replace your filters to keep the water clean. Don’t forget to have it checked annually by a professional.

Set limitations for hot tub use.

Before you step into the tub with your kids, know the limits of the hot tub.

Check its capacity first. It might have a recommended maximum number of people occupying the tub at a time. Locate the emergency shut-off switch to the pump. Determine the highest and lowest temperature possible; if you’re going in with children, make sure it doesn’t go any higher than 95 degrees, and that they don’t spend more than half an hour inside.

Spruce up their spa experience

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Keeping your kids safe in the hot tub doesn’t have to be a damper — to make up for it, add some pool toys and inflatable animals in there to keep them pleased and distracted. Play some hot tub hockey or deal a round of Go Fish with waterproof playing cards to make the most of your family bonding time in the tub. Just make sure that they don’t dip their head below water or sit near the jet pumps.

With the right amount of responsibility, every member of the family can enjoy their shift in the hot tub. Spend some quality time next weekend to practice your set of rules and to unwind with the best people in your life.

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