How Much Should You Spend on Building a Garden Shed?

Garden Shed

Garden sheds typically cost from as low as $500 up to $3,500 when you plan to buy one that comes in a kit form. The actual price will depend on what you want in a shed, but choosing a bigger one will be more expensive.

Basic kits worth less than $500 measure 2m x y54b 2.3m made from galvanised steel. It’s perfect for those who just want a simple storage solution for their gardens. Other options include coloured and plastic garden sheds, which are becoming more popular because of their weather-resistance and durability. Plastic sheds also require little to no maintenance, so you might want to consider spending extra on the upfront cost if it means not having to replace or repair the shed frequently.

Customising a Shed

Some homeowners decide to have a large shed that doubles as an exterior living space in their garden. You can even convert it into a granny flat and make money by renting it out, except if you live in cities like Melbourne where usage is strictly exclusive to family members. Whether or not you plan to make a profit on a customised shed, it will still cost money to create some unique features.

Most kits don’t have cladding, insulation, windows, plumbing and electrical systems. You will have to hire a contractor for installing these additional fixtures. Be as accurate as possible when providing a design to shed builders, so they can provide a clear price.

Other Expenses

Garden Shed with Tools

The gardening and landscaping industry in Australia generates a hefty amount of work every year, as evidenced by around $7 billion that people spend on professional services. These range from simple lawn mowing and garden maintenance to renovation projects like building storage space. If you want to personalise your shed with concrete footings, prepare to spend as much as $1,900 based on the size of the structure.

Concrete slabs cost at least $70 per square metre, while permits and local council fees may also affect the total price. You’re better off buying standard steel or plastic garden sheds when these additional expenses already exceed your budget. Otherwise, there are other types of materials that could improve the look of your garden.

Stone Shed: Is it Better Than Steel?

Stone garden sheds cost a lot more than galvanised steel or even coloured sheds, due to the high price of materials and complexity of installation work. But some homeowners have them built to complement the look of their garden. Aesthetic appeal isn’t the only reason for building stone sheds.

When constructed properly, it could increase a home’s value that would be useful in case you decide to sell your property in the future. It’s possible to limit your expenses by choosing a simple sheet of Colorbond material to match the shed’s style, instead of installing tiles for the roof.

Ask quotes from as many shed suppliers as possible before making a purchase decision. If you don’t want the standard steel shed yet wish to save money at the same time, buying plastic sheds is a good option.

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