How a straight smile can improve job prospects

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Many may raise their eyebrows at the fact that by straightening crooked teeth, one can improve one’s job prospects. Factor in the results from a YouGov study on smiles in the workplace and it can easily be seen why this is so.

Out of the employees who participated in the UK study, 75 percent felt that the look of their teeth affected their level of confidence – a poor dental appearance would have a negative effect on how confident they felt at work. The study also goes on to show that those who do not like the look of their teeth are less likely to smile when it comes to taking work-related photos such as work passes or on digital professional networks like LinkedIn.

For those who are embarrassed about their awkward smiles, this can put them at a disadvantage, It can no longer be denied that wearing an attractive smile holds a powerful influence on social perceptions: display a pleasing smile and one is instantly deemed friendly, intelligent, capable and trustworthy – personal traits that boosts one’s employability. If an attractive smile has such a significant effect on forming positive first impressions, it is no longer a surprise at the stratospheric rise in interest from adult patients in orthodontic interventions like Invisalign London.

Ways a smile can open doors of opportunity

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Gain the confidence you need to grab opportunities. If you belong to the group that prescribes to the ‘you create your own luck’ outlook, you will want to make the most of all the ways to unlock the doors of opportunity. Improving one’s dental appearance by straightening teeth can be one such way.

It used to be the case that one’s knowledge, experience and skills were all that you needed to secure a job. In today’s image-conscious world, while important criteria, these are no longer all that is required to nail a job. An attractive appearance has become part and parcel of a desirable employability skill set, especially when it comes to face-to-face interviews.

A carefully crafted CV can get your foot in the door to an interview but it is the first impression that counts once you’re in the chair across from the HR manager.

Most job candidates acknowledge that making a good first impression is critical to a successful interview. They know to pay attention to dressing smartly for the occasion but many do not consider the value of a bright straight smile as part and parcel of a good presentation. The fact is that humans are hardwired to respond to an engaging smile; it is only natural for them to respond in a positive manner to a smile we find warm and attractive. Confronted by a dazzling smile and they are bound to associate the wearer with a myriad of desirable positive attributes.

Beautiful smiles matter whether you are looking to be hired, want to make friends or find love. Modern orthodontic solutions such as transparent removable retainer-like braces make straightening teeth convenient and comfortable. Straighter teeth raise the likelihood of healthy teeth which holds its own rewards of maintaining overall physical health and psychosocial wellbeing.



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