Here Come the No-Fail Crowd Favourite Party Treats

many sweet birthday cupcakes with flowers and butter cream

Planning a party is a lot of work, and a chunk of the work is spent on food planning. So having a quick, go-to menu is key to stress and hassle-free planning. If you are hosting one soon, fret no more; here are the ultimate crowd favourites to go with your favourite roast and wine.

Edible Decorative Food

Think pretty-looking bite-sized treats like small pastry and canapes or the no-fail crowd favourites in Melbourne soirees. These finger food items have made its way to the top of the list of must-have items on the menu because they are easy to serve and are quite decorative in the way that they are served up.

These small treats pack a lot of flavour and flair; you can choose from sweet to savoury, as well as vegetarian options. So, if you are looking to add staters in the menu, go for small pastry and canapes to add style and tons of flavour in your party menu. And you are expecting small guests, the kids can have it, too!

Fondue Sets

Another crowd favourite, fondue is perhaps one of the easiest items to serve at a party. It can be served at each table or set up at a station where guests can select from a spread of fruits, sweets, small breads, and biscuits, or pretty much anything that can match with chocolate or cheese melts.

These flavourful, self-serve desserts are a sure hit. These can be served at pretty much any type of gathering and are great for both adult and children guests. The spread also adds a splash of colour to your setup and are just as delicious tasting as they are delicious-looking.

Popcorn Bar

Serve something salty and savoury to add to the depth of flavours if the food in your menu, like a self-serve popcorn station with flavoured drizzles like salted caramel, butter, and even dark chocolate to name a few. It is a budget-friendly crowd pleaser, and one that your guests with salty tooth will definitely love.

It is a great alternative to chips and can be a fun thing for your guests to customise the flavours using the drizzles, depending on their preference.

Juice Bar

While most parties and gatherings call for celebratory drinks, some guests might opt for non-alcoholic beverage alternatives. A citrus juice bar can add a refreshing flavour to your list of drinks, and you can even take it up a notch by making it into mocktails.

All you need are a few bare essentials, and you can turn fruit juices into some great tasting next level drinks sans alcohol. And if you want to add more flair to it, have some dried fruits to mix in with the drinks. Trust us; this one is a sure hit for both your adult and small guests.

Sparkling Drinks

Party with sparkling drinks

Sparkling wines are a go-to if you have guests that prefer sweet flavours in a drink with a lower alcohol content than that of wines. They give just the right fizzle and taste to match any sweet and savoury food, so it is a no-fail drink option to serve at parties and gatherings.

These come in fruity flavours that are light and mild to the taste but pack a punch.

These go-to treats match well together and can be served in both formal or for more intimate, casual gatherings. Having a menu that you can always turn to, is key to having a fun and easy party planning, especially when you are pressed for time.

So, keep this quick menu handy – it is going to be your menu planning saviour and your new favourite pocket menu for easy-peasy party planning from now on.

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