Having a Comfortable and Less Stressful Home Office

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Every person loves a good, comfortable home. For most people, their home is a sanctuary — a safe place where they could be completely themselves, relax and rest, find their inner peace, and a secure place where they could leave all their frustrations and stress from work behind.

But now more than ever, a comfortable home has become more necessary since the current crisis has blurred the line between work and home. The stress and exhaustion are much higher for students and workers who all have to study and work in the same place where they supposedly rest. Offices are often conducive to encourage workers to be more efficient, but some homes aren’t designed the same way since it’s not a place to deal with work duties in the first place, so your surroundings might affect your productivity. Here are a few details you can improvise on your very own home office for more productivity:

Improvise on a Comfortable Chair

Work from home is indeed more exhausting, but one of the benefits of it is your freedom to work in anything comfortable — whether it’s the clothes or the surrounding area of your workspace. One thing that could really affect your mood while working is how comfortable your chair is.

Since almost everything is done online, workers are now required to sit behind a computer for hours straight and become very susceptible to back pains. Maintaining a good posture while sitting for a long time is important to prevent back pains, but a comfortable chair is equally just as important. Bean bags are one option in terms of comfort and very modern in terms of design. An adjustable computer chair or even simply putting a pillow underneath a normal chair to cushion your weight would help prevent back pains and imminent shrimp-like posture.

Let Enough Natural Light In

Bright and well-lit spaces are believed to inspire productivity, especially the natural rays of sunlight. Some offices would opt for solar shades for windows from companies like Total Window to block the sun’s heat just enough to maintain a temperate work environment yet allows enough natural light in. Having enough shades on your windows might also encourage you to be closer to the outside world, in cases where you feel too isolated, but with still enough protection from the heat of the sun when it gets too sunny.

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Clean Up Your Space

Studies show that an organized working space would reflect on having an ‘organized’ mind. Decluttering your workspace would help you be more efficient and productive — clearing your space would also ultimately mean clearing your headspace and clear from stress. However, since you are working from home, this gives you the freedom to be creative with your workspace. Clean doesn’t always mean plain and boring. Allow yourself to be creative and decorate your workspace with things that could help boost your productivity or even just the fact that you think it would look pretty.

The crisis has made people realize just how important social life is, but it’s also taught a lot of people to value their time for themselves and make sure that they have a safe space waiting for them at home.

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