Get Your Fashionista Out with These Recent Fashion Trends

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It’s an outdated misconception that men are unconcerned about their appearance. To some extent, this is somewhat true. But there is still a sizable number of men who care about how they look and those who pay attention to what they wear. This growing population of men became an increasing movement—so much so that fashion experts coined the term “metrosexual” to refer to them. So if you’re a metrosexual yourself, then it might be worth your time to look at the latest men’s fashion trends.

Let the Metrosexual in You Out

Even if some guys have little knowledge of fashion or what’s current, they desire to appear decent, especially on certain occasions. So here are some fashion trends that might pique your curiosity and make you feel like a fashion trendsetter:

1. Pinstripe Suits

Pinstripes never went out of fashion, to be honest. Pinstripe suits are classy for men who work a corporate job, making any working man look like a gentleman who means business. Say you work in real estate. You’ll need to look professional so you can close deals with your clients quickly. And pinstripe suits work whether you’re in meetings all day or selling a house and land package to a young couple.

2. Remote Work Look

Since COVID-19 changed many things about the modern world in a matter of months since the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic, remote working has become an inevitable trend. Many workers who used to commute to work and be there for eight hours now had to adjust their schedules to the new normal. And with this new remote working trend, many had also to find ways to use it to their advantage by having a work from home fashion.

While it is not an official fashionable look, the work-from-home outfit is a zeitgeist of this new normal of working from home. The advantage of this look is that it’s the kind that gives more attention to comfort rather than style. Of course, since Zoom meetings only need you to expose your upper bodies, you need a presentable top, and you can even get away with some shorts or sweatpants.
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3. Oversized Clothing

Most guys value comfort over fashion, and that is a style on its own. But if they can have both, it will be more appealing as there is nothing better than looking stylish and feeling comfortable at the same time. This reason is why oversized shirts and pants have been increasingly popular for men in recent months. Oversized clothing, particularly jackets and coats, would help men feel more comfortable with whatever they wear underneath. It’s also easy to take off in case it gets too warm.

4. Hoodies and Caps

It’s amazing how many new trends and styles have emerged from the pandemic and the restrictions that it has caused. Since some businesses have closed and individuals have stayed at home, having a clean-cut for males is no longer a priority. As a result, many guys began to flaunt longer, unkempt hairstyles. When they need to go out, most men put on the most basic attire they can find to disguise their messy hair when heading out to purchase some necessities such as food and toiletries. This trend made the hoodies and caps style grow bigger. This look is similar to magazines celebrities being stalked by paparazzi that you see in gossip magazines.

5. Flower Power

Flower prints are another pattern that has become a mainstay among men’s closets in recent years. There are no signs of it going out of style anytime soon. Society once considered this print a feminine style, but it has now developed into a more gender-neutral look. So, if you have some floral shirts in your closet that you’ve been too shy to use, now is the time to sport them and look stylish.

6. Plaid and Checkered Pattern

Checkered and plaid shirts are another example of styles that have never gone out of fashion, especially those who want to sport the lumberjack look. These prints are ideal for button-down shirts, worn alone or as a layering piece over a plain or minimally printed shirt. If you want to take it to the next level, then grow a beard, and you’ll have a hipster style in no time.

7. Stripes Pattern

Most of the styles in this list aren’t new. Still, they are trends that are reemerging after a few years of not being the main style. It’s no surprise that stripes are making a reappearance in the latest fashion trends. Stripes can make you look taller, leaner, and fitter, in addition to making you look sleek. If you want to look extra, then wearing stripes print would suit you.

The moral is that if your current style is something that people consider trendy nowadays, then you shouldn’t discard those clothes. Give it a few years, and they will be back in style.

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