Five Misconceptions About Invisalign that You Should Ignore


Invisalign is like a magical alternative to braces. Everyone wants to straighten their teeth without telling the whole world. Invisalign treatment is a perfect option since it doesn’t have visible aligners and wires. Parents of several teenagers, as well as adults, are considering Invisalign treatment because they are effective. Therefore, you no longer have to deal with crooked teeth or a poor bite because you don’t have an option. For someone who is considering Invisalign in Sunrise, Florida, you have several questions concerning the treatment option. Also, since Invisalign treatment is relatively new in the dental world, several myths and misconceptions exist about the process. It’s time to separate the truth from myths to enhance your smile.

Invisalign corrects only mild or moderate orthodontic conditions

Most people have a misunderstanding that severely crooked teeth cannot be fixed with Invisalign. In reality, Invisalign has become advanced to treat complicated cases. Studies reveal that several people who had complications before seeking Invisalign were able to straighten their teeth and improve their smiles. You should consult an experienced dentist if you are considering Invisalign to guide and advise you if Invisalign is suitable for you.

Invisalign is more expensive than braces

One of the most common myths about Invisalign is that the treatment option is more expensive than braces. Unfortunately, the misconception discourages people from choosing Invisalign because they perceive it as a costly dental treatment. When you opt for Invisalign treatment, you will not have to attend monthly dental appointments, unlike with braces. As such, it saves you time and money. While the cost also varies based on the needs of a patient, Invisalign is generally cheaper than braces.

People are too old or young for this

In reality, you can get Invisalign treatment regardless of your age. Some patients even get this treatment option as soon as they lose their baby teeth. Also, patients in their 70s and 60s are treated with this option. Contrary to this myth, Invisalign is recommended for everyone regardless of age. You can benefit from Invisalign to brighten your smile at any age or season in life.

Invisalign needs more time than braces

Crooked teeth move at the same pace as both braces and Invisalign. In reality, the basic biology of a patient is often the primary determiner of the speed that teeth will move after the treatment. That explains why some people’s teeth move slower than others. The other determining factors include the crowding, spacing, or complexity of the bite.

Invisalign will restrict diet

The truth is that Invisalign doesn’t have any dietary restrictions. Since you can remove the aligners, they don’t limit you from some food or drinks. But remember to remove the aligners before meals and put them back after. Also, remember to brush your teeth after meals before placing the aligners back for proper oral health. Invisalign is an excellent solution for patients who want a discrete and comfortable orthodontic treatment. However, don’t allow these myths to discourage you from getting this orthodontic treatment. Make sure that you consult an orthodontist to get the correct information.

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