Finding Balance in Marietta GA: Where Community, Affordability, and Education Are a Priority

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Many of us will relocate at least once in our lives. Sometimes, especially as children, we have little choice. But as adults, we all start pursuing different things in life. People settle down, and companies require employment in specific locations. Whether it’s for family, career, or lifestyle, moving long-distance takes effort and a lot of consideration.

Marietta, GA is a city whose inhabitants proudly label a great place to live. While most people who have lived long in one place will probably find a lot more good things to say about it than bad, in the end, it’s not about simply balancing pros and cons. Everyone has their own way of prioritizing specific things that we’re looking for in a new location. To those who are seeking some of the big city’s convenience and opportunities, but also the small town’s quiet pace of life, Marietta could potentially strike the right balance.

A sense of community

Perhaps the iconic image of Marietta is its town square. Not only does the fountain and surrounding park look great in photos, but it is also an icon associated with the community. Historically, throughout the world, the town square has served as a sort of public common room. It is a place where children can play while adults amble around meeting other people, talking, eating, and drinking – socializing with the rest of the community.

To this day, Marietta Square continues to serve this function of being a common room for locals. Events are held here throughout the year, from concerts to weekend farmer’s markets.  The fact that the square is among the top highlights and attractions of Marietta – and continues to be a hub for the community, even having its own Facebook page – is a testament to the vibrant and active community life here.

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A great location

Marietta manages to maintain its suburban peace and lifestyle by sitting just outside the perimeter of the big city, Atlanta. Many people from the metro come here to escape the downtown bustle, and it is just the right distance for traveling between residence and workplace.

Its location also makes housing affordable, and property taxes lower than surrounding cities. Especially for city residents who are looking for a change of lifestyle when moving to a new location, the opportunity to buy a larger house or property with the same budget may be a deciding factor.

Family considerations

Experiencing nature and the outdoors is great for kids. The warm weather here and mild winters make it feasible for outdoor activities a large part of the year. Nearby Kennesaw Mountain is also popular local hiking and picnic destination.

But what locals are most proud of is the quality of Marietta’s schools. In its 2019 findings, US News & World Report had Walter High School and Lassiter High School in its top 10, with six other schools from the city making the list. The Marietta City Schools charter system offers local kids a great strategic program for their careers, especially in STEM and International Baccalaureate. A number of specialized and technical college campuses are also located right here.

Packing up your stuff and shipping it interstate, settling into a new job and community, isn’t something to be taken lightly. Whether you’re paying for a full move or having friends and family help out, change is always something big. And there’s a lot of paperwork too – you’ll need to update your postal address, banking information, get a new driver’s license and voter registration. Give it some thought, and you might just find that what Marietta offers is the right balance for you and your family.

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