Don’t Let Your Job Be Your Identifier

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When you spend too much time at the office, it becomes part of your personality. It’s not a bad thing to be proud of what you do, but when it’s all people know you for, that becomes a problem. You are more than the stockbroker, web designer, or real estate agent you work as. Have a thriving personal life to balance it out.

Be as Attentive at Home

You’re willing to pay top dollar for an office pen, and you want nothing but the best printer for your cubicle. Are you as attentive to your personal needs, or do you settle for the worn rugs and old stove in the kitchen? It wouldn’t hurt to invest in a new air-conditioning unit or to replace your faulty water heater in Provo. Use the best plates for your Friday dinners. You’re so used to putting everyone else’s needs first because of your job, but when you’re at home, don’t forget that you deserve all the best things in life too.

Learn to Delegate

You might be the head of the human resource department, or you might be supervising the content team. Whatever position you hold, learn to keep within your job description, and be a team player. Other people can do the tasks you’re trying to fit into your schedule. Delegate tasks accordingly so that you will have some time for yourself. When you do things by yourself, you might be the first person in and the last person out of the office every day. That doesn’t give you any awards, but it does take away from your sleep or the time you could have spent at home with your family.

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Dress Appropriately

Your job might call for a particular look, and it’s essential to invest in high-quality pieces that will serve you for a long time. However, when you’re off duty, you don’t have to dress similarly. A successful person should still be able to express their individuality when they’re outside work, and you’re robbing yourself of that opportunity if you dress in the same practical and safe clothing your job requires. A simple switch from your slacks or pencil skirt to jeans or playful dresses can already go a long way. Swap your work blazers for a denim jacket on the weekends when heading out to shop for groceries. This will not take away from your professional image; instead, it will add to you being a well-rounded individual. It will also set the limits between work and personal life.

Leave Your Work Email Alone on the Weekends

Being ever-present for the needs of other people might feel like the right thing to do, but it also gives everyone the idea that they are paying for your time off. They are not. It’s up to you to use your time on the weekends however you please. This is your time, and no one can blame you for not checking your work emails. This is a great way to set your boundaries, and everyone at work will learn to respect it moving forward.

No matter how much you’re earning from your job, don’t let it take over your life. Be your person outside of the office.

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