Design Ideas for Ceilings to Elevate You Interiors

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Investing in building rather than buying property might be the best choice if you want to realize your dream home. While in the past, this meant a considerable monetary investment, there are now several technologies and materials that have reduced the cost of construction. When most people visualize their dream home, they often have in mind the walls, colors, floors and cabinets they will include. Few think of their ceiling.

A seasoned residential general contractor based in Austin TX will, however, recommend focusing on seemingly small details like the ceiling’s design to get the best interior look. With the right choices, your ceiling will become the ideal crowning element of your home’s entire design. Here are some design ideas for your ceiling.

Get a Chandelier

There are virtually endless designs for chandeliers on the market to match the theme and size of any room. The most popular ones are those with hanging crystals since they reflect maximum light. This way, they make your rooms look spacious by reflecting natural and artificial lighting. Chandeliers are not only functional lighting options but will also be pieces of art that will form elegant additions to all rooms in your home. Getting a chandelier is also the cheapest way of elevating the look of your rooms during a remodel.

Consider a False Ceiling

Beautiful false ceilings were all the rage some years back. You can still use them to enhance your interiors by picking a unique design for your false ceiling. When combined with flushed lighting, this ceiling generates a sophisticated and clean design. False ceilings are also an ideal pick for those remodelling their homes since they can be used for hiding the flaws of your current ceiling. You can have them installed in wavy sheets or as suspended additions to create unique ceilings.

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Play With Colors

Your ceiling need not be painted with a neutral color or one that matches your wall color. You can be unique by combining various bright colors to create an exciting and eye-catching ceiling design. The colors you choose for the ceiling should nonetheless have a perfect match or generate the right contrast to avoid getting an awkward-looking ceiling or one that looks too busy.

Use Geometrical Shapes

You can also create several geometrical shapes in your ceiling to generate a unique detail that will make it stand out. The shapes can either be carved into your original ceiling or the false one. Cutting shapes into your original ceiling however, requires a high level of expertise to guarantee the insulation and lighting fixtures are not affected. You can then get your desired design effect by painting the shapes in a secondary color or juxtaposing the lights.

Most property owners will go to great lengths to ensure the construction or remodel of their home fits their budget. Fortunately, the above ceiling design ideas are inexpensive and will hardly affect your budget. Even so, this does not mean picking the cheapest construction materials or company. To guarantee these ideas will work wonders for your overall design, it is essential to get them handled by a construction company that employs experts in multiple fields.

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