Depression: The Psychological Side Effect of Entrepreneurship

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Ask entrepreneurs what it takes to be successful and you will get many answers. But question them how hard it is to run a successful business, and no words will be quite enough to describe such a gruesome reality. This is since entrepreneurship usually takes blood, sweat, time, and lots of risk-taking and decision-making.

Entrepreneurs face many challenges. It does not even matter if they are running a startup or an already established business. With all the responsibilities piling up their plate, not to mention the issues they need to address, it is quite easy for them to welcome depression. The odds of feeling depressed after experiencing the entrepreneur’s life are undeniably high. Thankfully, there are still ways you can win against the psychological side effect of being an entrepreneur.

Don’t Let Depression Get the Best of You

Studies show that 30% of entrepreneurs are depressed.  This means that almost one out of three people who oversee the operation of a company experience depression at one point or another. Depression may be common. But it should never be treated as a trivial matter. This is because it is a serious medical illness.

Different reasons cause depression in entrepreneurs. Some fail to meet their extremely high expectations or fall short in achieving their desired results. Other entrepreneurs are burned out due to long hours of work and isolation. No matter the reason for your depression, you should never let it get the best of you.

Depression makes you feel empty and hopeless. Not choosing to anything about it can result in poor decision-making, which in turn can have costly consequences for your business. It can also negatively affect your body and health, thus negatively affecting your quality of life. If you don’t want your business, your people, your relationship with others and yourself to fall into the entrepreneurial depression trap, then start making some changes and fight out your depression.

Conquering Depression Caused by Entrepreneurship

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The good news is, there are ways you can beat depression even if you are a busy entrepreneur. Acknowledging you are depressed and that it is common for people like you is the first step. Know that taking time out is good for you. You can do this by exploring a new hobby, like playing a sport or two. Just make sure to take safety precautions like investing in a quality mouth guard or other protective gear if necessary to reduce injuries.

It is important that you eat well and get adequate sleep. This is to ensure you have enough energy to face your sky-high responsibilities one at a time. Next, know that there are people who can help you address your situation. Aside from gaining support from your loved ones, don’t hesitate to seek help from the professionals. They can give you’re the best advice and can recommend different options so you can regain healthy mental health.

Aside from these, you can start journaling. Writing your feelings and plan of action is a good way to fight depression. This also gives you a reference on what you experienced before and what strategies you explored that helped with your situation. Lastly, don’t try to do everything on your own. Stop micromanaging and start giving the people you hire more control over their work.

Hiding your depression will not do you any good. Your world will grow darker, your business can suffer and your health will deteriorate. Just because many are facing depression does not already mean should you tolerate yours. Do your best to get back on your feet and fight entrepreneurial depression head-on.

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