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There are many possible causes of dental emergencies. Whether your emergency has been caused by injury or infection there are emergency dentists in Dublin available to help. Sometimes these emergencies are so severe that the most appropriate form of care for you is to attend your local A and E department. It is possible that if you contact a dentist and they deem this to be the case then they will advise you to go to A and E.

When your urgent dental care needs are not so emergent that you require care at A and E many dentists in Dublin offer on-the-day appointments (where necessary and available) to their patients. If your emergency takes place outside of office hours, we provide out-of-office advice.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

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Unsurprisingly some of the community may be unaware of what a dental emergency is. This is important to address because if someone is to think that their issue is not an emergency, they may not receive the correct level of care in a timely fashion. This can then result in a worsening of the problem. On the other hand, someone may believe that they have an emergency dental care need and book an on the day appointment where actually a next day appointment may be perfectly adequate for the situation at hand. If you are unsure about what level of care is appropriate for you and your personal situation then please call an emergency dentist Dublin who will be able to book you in for an appropriate appointment where available.

Some problems which can be defined as dental emergencies are:

  • Trauma, for example the knocking out of a tooth. If it is an adult tooth which has been knocked out this may be able to be replaced if found. You can try and replace this yourself immediately and then see a dentist as soon as possible. If it is a baby tooth which has been knocked out then there should be no need to replace this.
  • Swelling and or abscesses in and around the mouth. These can be an indication of infection.
  • If you are bleeding profusely and unable to get this to stop, the most appropriate action to take is to attend your local A and E department.

If any of these things apply to you then please contact a professional emergency dentist.

What to do after a dental emergency

Following a dental emergency, it may be prudent to book an appointment with your dentist to check up on the results of the treatment you received. It may be that during your emergency appointment your dentist has advised you to book in for a further consultation. For example, if your emergency was as a result of injury and has caused you to have a missing tooth, they may see you on a separate occasion in order to discuss options for replacing your missing tooth, including dental implants.

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