Creating Space for Entertaining Guests in Your Home

A group of friends having a good time in a house backyard

• To create extra space for guests, start by decluttering your home and removing unnecessary items.

• Utilize multi-purpose furniture to save space and provide storage and seating solutions.

• Create zones throughout the house for different activities, such as watching TV or playing games.

• Utilize outdoor space, such as a patio or carport, for extra seating and entertaining.

Being a dad does not mean you don’t care about creating an inviting environment for your guests. You still want to ensure your home is comfortable, inviting, and ready to entertain at any moment. Whether you’re hosting a game night with friends or a family barbecue, having enough space for guests can be tricky. Here are some tips on making the most of your home and creating extra space for your entertaining needs.


The first step in creating extra space is by decluttering. Decluttering means removing any unnecessary items that are taking up space in your home. This includes clothes, toys, books, and anything else you can think of. Not only will this give you more room to work with, but it will also make your home look and feel more spacious. Here’s how you can get started:

Make an Inventory

Go through each room and take inventory of what you have and don’t need. Ask yourself if certain items are being used regularly or taking up valuable space. Separate these items using storage boxes, label them, and set them aside in a designated area.

Donate Unused Item

Donating items that no longer serve you will open up a lot of extra space and give new life to items that you no longer need or use. Make sure that the items are usable and not too worn or damaged. You don’t want to give away something that someone else wouldn’t be able to use. Try to donate as much as possible so others can benefit from your belongings.

Rent a Storage Unit

Consider renting a storage unit if you find too many items to fit in your home. This will give you the extra space you need while keeping your items safe and secure. You can store seasonal items you don’t need until next year or any other possessions you don’t have room for.

Utilize Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is an excellent way to free up extra room while providing seating and storage solutions. For example, ottomans can double as seating areas and provide storage options for blankets and pillows.

A group of male friends on a sofa, watching television

Investing in pieces like this can help keep your home organized while making it easier to accommodate larger groups of people when needed without sacrificing too much floor space. Here are other multi-purpose furniture pieces to consider:

  • Daybed: A daybed can be used as a seating area and guest bed.
  • Storage Ottoman: Ottomans are great for storing blankets, pillows, and other items while providing extra seating.
  • Coffee Table with Storage: Use this to store items without cluttering your living space.
  • Lift Top Desks: Lift top desks can be used for work and play. Use it to store craft supplies and other items when not in use.
  • Wall Beds: Wall beds are a great way to make the most of your space and provide extra sleeping options for guests. They can be folded against the wall to free up floor space if not in use.

Create Zones

When guests come over, it can be difficult to manage different activities at once without feeling cramped and overcrowded in one area of the house. To avoid this issue, try designating specific home zones for activities such as watching TV, playing board games, or conversation areas. You can utilize the following zones and spaces in your house and designate them for certain activities:

Living Room

You can designate the living room for watching TV, playing board games, or having conversations. You can set up the furniture to accommodate multiple activities. Make sure there is enough room and seating for everyone to be comfortable. Add some cozy blankets and pillows to make it more inviting.

Dining Room

Friends having a conversation in the kitchen

Aside from using the dining room for eating, you can also utilize the space for other activities. If you have a large table, you can use it for playing board games or working on puzzles. You can also set up a buffet so guests can help themselves throughout the night.

Outdoor Space

For extra seating and entertaining, utilize outdoor space such as a patio, deck, or carport. Carports are especially useful if you don’t have room indoors to accommodate everyone. This will provide enough cover from the elements while still providing plenty of space for your guests to mingle. Here, you can set up a place for barbecues, lawn games, and more. And since it’s an open space, you won’t have to worry about feeling cramped and overcrowded.

No matter how big or small your home is, you can still create enough space to accommodate guests for any occasion. With some thought and creativity, you can make the most of your available resources and utilize every inch of your home to its fullest potential.

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