Why is link building important for SEO?

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So you have recently begun to work on your dental surgery website and are now looking at the best ways to enhance the SEO of the page.

SEO or search engine optimisation is an essential part of digital marketing as it ensures that your dental surgery page is ranked higher on the Google search results, thus attracting more potential patients to your dental surgery page.

One of the core parts of an effective SEO strategy is a successful blog, and, as part of blog writing, you will need to use links. This guide will explain the importance of links in the SEO strategy for your dental surgery to help you get the awareness that you want online.

Why build links?

The reason you need to build links is due to the Google algorithm.

The Google algorithm is constantly evolving, and it can be incredibly complex to break down, but backlinks remain an incredibly important part of dental SEO. Every search engine determines which sites will rank higher based on the keywords and the links that are on the page. Therefore, building links is a core feature of SEO because it is a signal to Google bots that your website is a high-quality resource.

However, it’s worth noting that you can be penalised by the Google algorithm for something called link stuffing, which is essentially where you just fill a website full of links but have no organic content.

What makes a good link?

Back to dentistry for a moment. If you were to write an article on your blog relating to dental implants, a good link to have on your page would be one to an authoritative website such as the National Health Service or Bupa. This is because these are well-established institutions that are trusted, and the websites themselves are relatively older. It’s worth noting that you should never aim to link another dental surgery webpage in your blog, as this can divert people reading the blog away and onto the other dental surgery website, which is just bad for business generally!


What is a bad link?

A bad link is generally one that is from a new website that does not have the authority of an organisation such as the NHS. So, when it comes to creating a blog piece for your web page, any links that you have should be from older, trusted web pages. This can be hard to come by if you are writing from scratch, and it is a core advantage of hiring a marketing team in the field of dental surgery to do this for you. They will know the difference between a good link and a bad link and will choose the appropriate one for your article.

Anchor text

Now it’s time to talk about anchor text, as it’s an important feature of search engines to look at the text that is linking a page. Suppose you were to write a dental article about dental implants and had the words’ dental implants’ linked. This would rank higher for the keyword phrase, whereas if you had simply placed your surgery name as the link, this would rank lower as this is less likely to be searched for.

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