How to Be a More Attractive Man in Singapore if You Don’t Meet the Ideal Standards

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According to a top Singaporean matchmaking agency, tall and rich men have more chances of finding a match. Only 20% of Singaporean women will go out with a shorter guy, while just 39% will give a chance to men who earn less.

If you’re neither tall nor rich, don’t lose hope! The women’s standards may seem superficial for you, but the agency’s founder believes otherwise. Across the board, women are looking for men who aren’t afraid of making the first move, and they don’t mind dating someone with different political opinions than theirs. That means attractive physical traits are just a bonus, not the main characteristics that’ll win them over.

Still, it won’t hurt to elevate your looks and increase your self-confidence. After all, the right amount of confidence creates more impact than good looks and money. So without further ado, here’s how to be more attractive naturally if you don’t meet the ideal standards:

1. Take Care of Your Teeth

Men and women alike aren’t lying when they say a beautiful smile is attractive. But a captivating smile isn’t achieved by just brushing your teeth and chewing some mints. Rather, it’s a healthy mouth that gives you the best beam.

Unfortunately, 6 in 10 Singaporeans don’t undergo a dental checkup every six months, and 43% only visit the dentist when they already have a serious tooth problem. These findings contradict another survey finding that says 80% of Singaporeans feel good oral health makes a person more attractive.

Hence, upgrade your smile by staying on top of your dental needs. Don’t let tartar, cavities, or soreness in your gums go untreated. If your face and neck have begun swelling because of your sore gums, that’s one way to turn off a date. That warrants an urgent treatment for a root canal, which can be more painful the longer you delay it.

2. Have a Sense of Humor


Everyone wants a partner who vibes with their sense of humor. Making a date laugh heartily always beats grand gestures, after all. So if you’re “the funny guy” in your social circle, maintain that persona. Even science agrees that you should. A 2006 study published in Evolution and Human Behaviour revealed that women truly care about their partner’s sense of humor. The more you make her laugh, the more attractive you become in her eyes.

3. Make Eye Contact

Singaporean women love getting lost in their date’s soulful eyes. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a particular eye shape or color to achieve a soulful quality. Just make eye contact every time you interact with women. Remember, the eyes are the window to the soul, so looking a woman into the eyes portrays that you’re sincere and even willing to be vulnerable.

4. Curb the Dad Bod

The Dad Bod has been gaining popularity in social media for the past few years, being the new “ideal” body type because of its realistic appeal. However, it’s a flat stomach that will still draw more gazes at the end of the day. While you don’t need washboard abs to gain attractive points, at least curb the Dad Bod. Eat gut-healthy foods and frequently exercise to maintain a strong core.

5. Post Pics with Your Friend Group


Unless you’re using a dating app, post as many group photos as you can. This seems odd, but according to a study at the University of California, people’s looks were rated higher when seen in a group photo.

The “Cheerleader Effect” is supposedly the cause of this, the researchers say. Viewing faces together makes someone look more like the “group average,” which can “even out” any one person’s distinctive features. So don’t forget snapping a groupfie when you go out with your friends.

6. Ditch Outdated Standards

If you think women shouldn’t make the first move, initiate a conversation, or pay on dates, ditch those beliefs now because they’re outdated and can appear gender-biased. Even if you mean well, most women can interpret your standards as too patriarchal. Women today are no longer afraid to carry the roles traditionally assigned to men. You’re really missing out if you don’t look at strong, independent women twice.

However, dating a strong woman and enjoying equal rights with them don’t mean you should stop making an effort anymore. Relationships are a two-way street, so give and take. Attractiveness isn’t a trait that you should let into your head. It doesn’t make you get away with minimal effort and toxic masculine standards. So once you’ve gained the self-confidence that elevates your looks, ensure that your personality is getting an upgrade too, because it’s the one that’ll define whether your relationships will last or not.

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