A Deck Oven for Gourmet Pizza Goodness

Gourmet Pizza

Pizza is big business in North America. Originally a treasured product of Italy, pizza here in Vancouver, BC has become a daily companion for residents. As they say, you only get gourmet quality slices if you cook it in the right oven; but, which oven for that matter?

What makes a good pie

The dough – its ingredients and how it is processed makes or breaks a pizza pie. Yet, it’s not enough that you have a centuries-old technique in making it. You have to cook it t make a crust that stands out. The knowledge and passion that veteran cooks put into the making of the Italian staple they also put into choosing the right equipment.

To produce a consistently good pie, the pastry must be up to standard. That’s where deck ovens come in.

Baked on the hearth

A deck oven is known far and wide as a necessary tool for producing unforgettable pastry crust. The bottom of the oven or the decks are made from either stone or ceramic. Baking on the hearth makes a crust crisp without drying it out. It is necessary not to pull out moisture, or customers won’t get the quality they deserve.

A forced air oven has no place in a kitchen that aims to produce only quality pastry. Of course, for recipes that require a drying effect, this type of oven is a necessity. The who are serious about pizza would invest in a proper deck oven without hesitation.

The quintessential deck oven

making pizza

The classic application of a deck oven is for baking bread. It may seem like a simple implement—and it is, but a traditional deck oven can be put too many uses. It is possible to control the temperature and differentiate the delivery of heat at the bottom and on top of the deck.

In using a deck oven, you will benefit from a type of equipment that is highly efficient. Efficiency equates to fuel conservation, which in turn amounts to savings and profitability. The oven is equipped with vapor tubes that distribute the heat evenly within.

The sealed vapor tubes convert water to steam effectively. Even if you use little fuel, the heat is spread all throughout. Aside from fuel consumption, you will enjoy efficiency in terms of water consumption. The oven retains steam at an admirably high rate.

The oven’s efficiency can also be traced to the obvious fact that it does not have rotating trays or other moving parts. A bakery equipment representative would be able to explain to you that this properly also make the oven a low-maintenance component of your kitchen.

Are you keen on investing in a pizza business? A deck oven can serve your kitchen for many decades even if you don’t spend much time fussing over it. It needs to be wiped and cleaned thoroughly, but that’s all the attention it requires.

You have to take care not to use damaging cleaners and solutions. Deck ovens are efficient, durable, and sustainable.

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