7 Ways to Save Money Right Now

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It’s reasonable to stay practical, especially today. Prices for basic needs aren’t going down anytime soon, after all. We need to work harder or make some sacrifices to ensure that we get everything we need in life. We need to learn how to increase our income and reduce our expenses. On that note, here are some ways to save money these days:

1. Repair Broken Appliances, If Possible

There are Bountiful appliance repair services that you can tap to get your broken appliances working again. Having them repaired is better than just leaving them around to gather dust. It’s also a good alternative to simply getting rid of old things and buying new ones. The trick is to know whether it’s more cost-effective to repair an appliance or replace it already. As long as the appliance is not too old and is ENERGY STAR-compliant, repairing it should be a good move.

2. Cancel Subscriptions You Don’t Need

When was the last time you really read that magazine or watched cable? If you are like most people these days, you probably consume your news and entertainment using a laptop or a smartphone. If you don’t really need a cable subscription anymore, it’s best to just let go of that money-drain.

3. Sell Your Collections

Collecting stuff is a sure way to spend money on things you have no use for. Many people collect shoes, records, watches, comic books, and many others. While such things may hold sentimental value, they also take up space and cost a lot to buy and maintain. Learn to let go of some of those things and sell them. Call your friends who might be interested, hold a garage sale, or sell online. Not only will you stop spending cash on such purchases; you’ll also be able to put more money in your bank account when you sell them.

4. Empty your Closet (At Least for the Meantime)

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The purpose here is to separate the clutter from what you really need. One good rule is to put the things you haven’t worn in a year or more in a box, and then return the things you still use in the closet. You’ll be surprised how many clothes or jewelry have been untouched in your wardrobe. You can either sell or donate them.

5. Don’t Buy a Car

That is if you can survive without one. You should also consider selling your car if you don’t use it often. If you live close to where you work, only park your car outside or have easy access to plenty of public transportation. If you must have a car, make sure it’s thrifty on fuel and easy to maintain.

6. Buy a Bike

Still need some form of transportation for not-so-far destinations? Invest in a bike instead. It runs on pedal power instead of expensive fuel or electricity, and it also provides great exercise and lots of savings. It’s good for the environment, too.

7. Eat at Home

You can eat your breakfast and dinner at home and pack your lunch. Get a good, spill-proof coffee tumbler and bring your own coffee, too, instead of stopping at Starbucks. Stop eating out or at least limit the instances. Pricy meals are among the leading money-drains for most workers.

Being practical doesn’t mean forgetting about having a good time. It just means learning when you can spend on something and when you should hold off. Practice these tips and you’ll be saving more money than you’re spending in no time.

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