5 Things You Can Do to Keep the Workplace Safe

Safety equipment

Safety checks in the manufacturing industry are important to determine that the machinery and other areas of the workplace are working well. This is to check if the workplace is indeed a safe environment for you and your employees. Here are some things you should know about safety in the workplace:

Machine Testing

Pull testing is one of the most effective ways to determine the strength of existing and new lifting equipment. It’s an important factor in the manufacturing industry since it’s how chains, slings, and other parts will be tested for their effectiveness. The same goes in Savannah where pull testing is also done in the manufacturing industry. Through it, workers will know if the lifting equipment is safe to use.

If any equipment doesn’t meet the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), then it must undergo repairs or even replacement. Aside from that, all other tools should work out properly. They should be in tip-top shape and not rusting to be considered safe and okay to use. Those operating such tools and machinery should also be knowledgeable to do safety checks.

Floors and Staircases

The floors in the workplace need to be free from debris. Businesses using liquid should make sure that it is free from spills to avoid slipping and falling accidents. Leaks, especially those that could cause harm, should also be fixed immediately.

Moreover, staircases shouldn’t be a place where you store items. This is common for staircases near storage areas, but doing so could be a cause for an accident. Use signage for these areas and never block the path going up and down.

Footwear to Use

The correct footwear must be used for those working in the manufacturing and industrial workplace. Wearing the proper ones can help avoid accidents and keep the feet of your workers safe. While some are fine with whatever comfortable footwear, other workplaces require steel-toed boots or shoes for footwear.


someone carrying a bucket of cleaning supplies

No matter how crowded the workplace gets, it needs to be cleaned. You should do this at least once per day. Also, have your employees clean as they go from cafeterias and lunchroom to encourage discipline.

During Emergencies

Accidents can happen in any workplace. Make sure that all workers are properly trained so they know what to do in case of emergencies. There should be proper signage so everybody is reminded of what to do. Do regular training if possible.

First aid kits should always be present. Workers who get even the smallest scratches should be treated using the supplies you provided in the first aid kit. Make sure there’s one in every corner of the workplace.

When it comes to protection, the use of safety clothing and equipment must be implemented. Some of those that can be used are hard hats, goggles, gloves, protective outerwear, and footwear.

The workplace is where employees spend a lot of their time. It has to be safe at the very least. You can do that through these simple ideas.

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