3 Simple Luxuries You Take for Granted Until They’re Gone

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Living in Salt Lake City makes life seem like a breeze. Everything you want is easily accessible and you can get items delivered from just about anywhere in the world. You’re always on trend and the quality of life is generally good. What if someone told you that the life you consider average is already filled with luxuries not everyone can enjoy?

These are just three of the things everyone should appreciate more:

1. Hot Water

You’ve had a rough day at work. You can’t wait to get home, unwind with your favorite show, and eat some late-night snacks. Something else figures into your winding down routine, but you may not think it’s worth mentioning simply because you can do it anytime — if you keep your heater in good condition.

Hot water is not a staple everywhere in the world, but because it’s standard in every Salt Lake City household, it fades into the background. Wait until your heater breaks down and you have to call for water heater repair. While they’re working on the unit, you’ll have to make do with cold water that will make you skip the bath altogether.

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2. Food Delivery Service

Hungry, but too tired to prepare dinner for the family? It’s time to pick up the phone and call your favorite pizza place. Not only is it cheap and delicious, but you also don’t need to set foot in the kitchen. Many families survive on pizza nights, with some even having pizza multiple times each week. It’s not the only thing you can have delivered, though. From quick snacks to international cuisine, everything is at the tip of your fingers.

Food delivery is so convenient that you could reduce the size of the kitchen and your family might not even notice. Now, imagine if phone lines were dead and online ordering wasn’t possible. You’ll have to either go out to buy food or head to the kitchen and pray that you have ingredients to cook a satisfying meal. All that work gives you healthier meals, but who’s got the time on a weekday?

3. Community Events

You may be one of those who would rather stay in than participate in an event held locally. You think you’re not contributing much because you’ll buy a snack at most, but this isn’t just about business. Socialization is another target of these events. It’s a way to strengthen the bond of the community and to improve the overall happiness of the neighborhood. If the population is looking slim these days, these events might even be a chance to encourage migrants to settle in.

Your nook at home is perfectly fine, but it doesn’t contribute to the improvement and strength of the neighborhood. Moreover, it doesn’t completely contribute to your happiness, which means you might want to move the first chance you get. Mind you, when you do move to a different city, you’ll miss the neighbors you knew from a distance but didn’t quite feel connected with when you had the chance.

Whether you’re staying home or heading out, you enjoy plenty of luxuries that are easy to miss. Be thankful for what you have and live a happier life.

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