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Sustainable Man partakes and promotes a gift economy. Gift economies align our economic activities with the personal need for empathic connection, compassion and love. These economies are nothing new and exist today for each of us. When we provide for a family member or have friends over for dinner, we do not send them a bill at the end of it. We give freely with the unmentioned knowledge that our gifts will be recognized and reciprocated. Each gift creates a bond of gratitude. The more you give, the more gratitude that is created. The more gratitude that is created, the more wealthy you become. Gift economies remove the internal conflict that derives from competition instead places more value on cooperation.

All of the curated content on this site is available to be shared freely. Our mission is to spread the personal transformation and awareness that is required for a change in values that will lead to a sustainable world. In that way, it is offered in the spirit of a gift to anyone who finds it useful. If you care to leave a gift in return, there are several ways to give:

  1. Monetary Gifts -  For those that are short on time but have some extra money to spare, you can make a donation using the form on the right.
  2. Time Gifts - We have a need for video editing and computer animation skills. If you would like to coordinate on the making of Sustainable Man video, please contact us.
  3. Collaboration Gifts - Do you have a great idea for a short movie or sustainable meme? Let’s collaborate. Contact us and let’s work together to spread the awareness.
  4. Testimonial Gifts - If you simply want to verbalize your gratitude, please do so by using the contact form. We will display the top testimonials on our home page.

Thank you for considering donating to Sustainable Man. All gifts go towards promoting the message and outreach of Sustainable Man by purchasing ads on social networks and enhancing the conversation and storytelling capabilities.

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