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Indoor Farming

Indoor “vertical” farming is a hot trend in the upper Midwest and other parts of the world, though some farms have had more success than others. Now one indoor farm is taking it to new levels in a giant warehouse just outside Chicago.

Indoor Farming
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2 Responses to “Indoor Farming”

  1. permaculture basics 1/16/14 8:18 am #

    There are many waste streams that structures need to “dispose of”.
    Herbs that bolt easily in response to heat, such as cilantro, should be placed on the east-facing slope so that they are protected from the afternoon sun.
    The birds are singing, and no traffic can yet be heard.


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    [...] able to grow nearly all their own food, on rooftops, in apartment windows, in vacant lots, in vertical (indoor) farms, in food forests, and almost every place imaginable both to increase resiliency and cut down [...]

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