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Why I Joined Tsu And You Should Too

There is a new social network in town. This social network looks like almost like a carbon copy of Facebook. The only difference is this new platform shares 90% of its revenue with the people who make the platform a worthwhile place for businesses to advertise in the first place – that’s you, the content creator and social networker. This new social network is called Tsu.

How Much Of The Economy Do We Actually Need?

Most of the economy doesn’t exist to fulfill our basic needs, yet so many people are unable to meet them. Do we still need everyone to earn a living?

Why The EPA’s New Coal Emission Regulations Are Counterproductive

At first glance, lower carbon emissions lessen the greenhouse effect that is responsible for the rapid shift in climate which is now causing the sixth mass extinction event in earth’s history. What could be bad about that?

The Vision For Sustainable Human

“We understand that there is a common cause to all of the crises afflicting modern civilization. Whether it is the crisis in health care, education, inequality, climate, war, race relations, human trafficking, animal cruelty, or any other, their root stems from the idea that human beings are separate from the world around us – that our fate could somehow be different than the world that we are collectively destroying. A sustainable world must be built from sustainable values. The vision for Sustainable Man aims to create multi-media (videos, articles, graphics) content that both counter the mainstream messages that reinforce separation and consumption and illustrate other ways of doing things aligned with the sustainable values from which we wish to form a more compassionate, empathetic civilization.”

Chris’s Life Resume

“Each of us is so much more than our quantifiable accomplishments. I personally believe that I am a sum total of all of my experiences and relationships to other people, other beings, the world and even Universe itself. Those relationships and experiences make each of us who we are. They form the basis of our world views and our understanding about what it means to be human. For this reason, I felt to truly answer the question of who I am, I needed to write a different kind of resume – a life resume – that begins at birth and brings you to the present day. You cannot know someone without knowing their experiences, and so I present to you my life resume.”

Our Leaders Are Not Going To Save Us

“Real leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders.”

Why Many Of Us Aren’t Thinking About The Bigger Picture

Through a macrocosm lens, one begins to understand the power of their own self, as an individual. They understand the power of their conscious will. They see how each and every one of their actions affect this world, even if in the smallest way, and that they have control over that. They embark on a journey to understand aspects of the world, and of life, not mentioned in the mainstream media. With enough tenacity, they eventually start to question the path they’re on in life, which starts revealing answers to questions they didn’t realize they even had. It can reveal truths that are difficult to deal with, too. But this all ultimately leads to a better understanding of themselves and invariably results in a subsequent revaluation of their life.

Where Did The Name “Sustainable Man” Come From?

In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to offer an explanation as to the origin and evolution of the name “Sustainable Man.”

A New Way Forward – Participating In The Cultivation Of Our Future

I had a very interesting idea the other day – an idea for funding and participating in causes that has the potential to scale from the bottom up and revolutionize how the world works.

Why I Won’t Accept Paid Advertisements On Sustainable Man

This is how an honest and transparent economy built around the idea that “more for you is more for me too” can be formed. It will take courageous individuals to believe in trust when the whole business world seems to have forgotten the definition of the word

The True Source Of Greed

Here, the root source of greed reveals itself. Whenever we feel disconnected from the world, we have a hunger for a connection – to anything. If this hunger is not satiated, it creates an emotional wound that festers. To protect that wound, we develop walls to keep people out because we are so fragile from years of not being heard that we don’t think we can survive another disappointment. “At least the material good won’t betray us,” we think. We don’t realize that the material goods do betray us by failing to deliver the intimate connection to another being we all long for.

What It Means To Be A Modern Day Slave

Do you ever wonder about the purpose of life? Why are we all here and what are we doing with our lives? We live in an unprecedented time full of amazing opportunities on the one hand and terrible catastrophes on the other. But for the typical person working a 9-to-5 job (or more likely a 12 hour shift these days), it is likely that neither of these possibilities even registers on their mind.

Hope, Change, and Reality

Hope and change. Yeah, I bought it. I’ll admit it. After 8 years of George Bush, two major new wars, a financial meltdown, I sure was ready for change…

An Abundant World

Do you remember the movie Spaceballs? There is a scene in which President Skroob, played by Mel Brooks, reaches into his desk drawer to open a can of clean “Perri-air” after assuring a news agency that “there is absolutely no air shortage whatsoever.” While it may seem ludicrous that there would ever be a scarcity of clean air, living in polluted cities such as Beijing, Manila, or Los Angeles shows that clean air is not as abundant as it once was.