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Sustainable Man represents a new story about ourselves and the world. Using digital media storytelling, we produce a variety of multimedia content (videos, memes, blog) with the intent of offering a different story of the world. This story is different from the current one – the one that says that everyone is out for themselves, that there are good and evil people in the world, and that the only way to affect anything is to exert a force upon it. Now that the human race is beginning to see one another, we are beginning to realize that the stories that kept us apart for so long are no longer true. The new story embraces the world as we know it can be in our hearts, not our minds, based on sustainable values such as empathy, honesty, integrity, and most of all, love.

This “new” story is actually an old story. It is the story we are born with and that we live as children before we are taught to protect ourselves and that not everyone is trustworthy. Sustainable Man offers a chance to reconnect with what we know to be true deep inside our core. As you browse through the site, watching videos, exploring quotes from men and women pushing the evolution of human thought, reading my personal perspective of sustainability, try to ask your heart if these ideas are true. Your mind/ego will have a field day telling you why these ideas aren’t practical, idiotic, and may wind up getting you killed! When that happens, ask yourself what kind of a world you want your kids to live in. Is it this one?


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