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How Wolves Change Rivers

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” – John Muir

The Myth Of Human Nature

“We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are, or…as we are conditioned to see it.”

Redefining Family

“You see so many people left alone. Why? Because of our concept of family.” – Guruji Sri Vast

Why “Sustainable Man?”

To start a conversation to help restore balance to society’s imbalanced masculine and feminine values at the root of our many crises.


Our economic system incentivizes the exploitation of earth’s finite resources. Money doesn’t stand for anything and must continue to grow (consume more resources) in order for the economy to function.  “Conventional economics is a form of brain damage.” ~David Suzuki

We Societies

“Around the world, the history of the human race shows that culturally we are best adapted to long term survival in “We” societies…” ~Thom Hartmann   Featuring “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears For Fears

Eleven Fifty Nine

The Earth Is Full. Economic growth is reaching its limits. It is time to slow down this growth engine before we consume the very foundations of life.  It is approaching the 11th hour. But will this “11th Hour” be our darkest…or our finest?

Lateral Power

The Second Industrial Revolution brought with it a centralized power structure – television, radio, energy.  The Internet, by contrast, is distributed. As the Internet forms the foundation of a new communication revolution, renewable energy will form the basis for the next energy revolution. Together, these forces can transform society, turning centralized hierarchical power into distributive power.

Sustainable Influences

Sustainable TED talks

TED offers some the brightest minds talking about the latest in sustainability. ...

Sustainable Cartoons

Sustainability can be a heavy topic. Sometimes we just need to laugh...

US Presidents

Only 44 people have occupied the position that offers more visibility into ...

Ancient Philosophers

Pre-modern philosophers understood humanity's place in the web of life of the ...

Indigenous Wisdom

Indigenous nations around the world never strayed too far from ecological principles. ...


Comedians are society's modern day truth tellers. Hear what some of them ...

Public Service Announcements

Wise, unattributed words of wisdom

Movie Quotes

See some of Hollywood's most sustainable and memorable lines

John Perkins

Author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, in which Perkins describes ...

Rachel Carson

An American marine biologist and conservationist whose book Silent Spring and other ...

Mark Twain

An American author and humorist.

Wendell Berry

an American novelist, poet, public intellectual, environmental activist, cultural critic, and farmer.

Maya Angelou

An American author and poet. She has published seven autobiographies, five books ...

Jeremy Rifkin

An economic and social theorist, writer, public speaker, political advisor and activist.

The Adventures of the Guy Who Just Started Paying Attention

A daily comic strip about a guy who's starting to wake up.

Martin Luther King

An American clergyman, activist, and prominent leader in the African-American Civil Rights ...

Albert Einstein

Founder of the Theory of Relativity

Vandana Shiva

Scientist, philosopher, feminist, author, environmentalist, activist

Charles Eisenstein

Author of Sacred Economics and Ascent of Humanity


You are doing a great job! Keep up your drive and passion and delivering the powerful messages we all need to hear.

I love your FB page, thank-you for posting the things you post I find them very inspiring.

This page compels me to fall more and more in love with humanity and our Earth, and fortifies my optimism-what some may call youthful naivety-in a world of cynicism. It is bona fide proof of the potential of the internet and social media and people with a passion for change and spreading awareness. I can’t thank you enough. The things you’ve shared have created such a domino effect in my life. Thank you for being a light.

Great site. Keep up the good vibrations. Thank you.

Great page love it. Really positive minds.

I’ve been following Sustainable Man for a few months now. I’m truly impressed at the quality of thought provoking and educational material. This isn’t a page of fleeting idealism; there is discipline and hard work here, sharing of new and old ideas that hold promise, and an attitude of positive open mindedness for everything and anything that will inspire people to help ourselves and our world in the long run.

I am so proud of Chris’ Sustainable Man site. It serves as not only an education tool, but also a stream of consciousness on the benefits of collaborating together. There are many resources for sharing that you can tap into here as well.

Wow something on facebook that i ‘like’ and really mean it!

Thank you for being such a great Facebook page. I’ve really been inspired to change how I live my life and how I think because of this page.
Your the best super hero I’ve heard of
“This is the best page on facebook.”

“Thank you for making the personal commitment toward educating and influencing the prospect of our future as a race. It is wonderful to see such great work, and wide vision from people such as yourself. For the world seems a very lonely place at times, for those of us who share these truths and sentiments. Cheers, and here’s to hoping such work inspires the global shift in consciousness we so desperately need!”

“I generally only use Facebook as a way to know what’s going on in my kid’s lives! But I find myself going to my Facebook page to read what Sustainable Man has to tell me. It helps me to be more aware, conscious and connected to my world and I share it with others. Thank you so much for the work you do!”

Substainable man has given me a new meaning to my life, on what TRULY matters.

There aren’t many things that show up on my news feed which aren’t mindless angry statuses, re-posts of the same memes, or pictures of kids I don’t know. But Sustainable Man always provides good stuff for my eyes and mind to digest. Following this page makes you a better person.

As i sit here to write this message I am trying hard not to cry… This page has given me a spiritual awakening… Not a religious one just something in me that just wants to do good. All this time i have been living a lie cut off away from Nature. I wanna return. I will spread the message to loved ones and friends and hope they pass the message on too.

This page has deeply touched me this year. Thank you for your posts that really keep me thinking…

Sustainable Man Community has truly helped me find myself.